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Game Changing Solar Technology

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Our Australian research and development company has successfully developed the First Global ‘Integrated Vertical Solar System’ which effectively enables the generation of significant renewable solar power from high-rise or low-rise buildings in the global urban environments.

Approximately 25% of the urban population either live in residential buildings or work in commercial office buildings, that relates to millions of people that cannot access or benefit from renewable solar power.

These buildings typically have relatively small rooftops not viable for rooftop solar panels.

Therefore our global “Patent Pending” system has untapped potential to offer significant amounts of renewable solar power from the vertical surface areas of buildings, providing a sustainable supplementary source of renewable electricity, significantly reducing the usage and associated costs of main-grid electricity.

Our system incorporates both functionality and aesthetics as these buildings can be viewed from the street level, unlike rooftop solar panels. Our system comprises engineered modular components that are manufactured from certified non-combustible and non-corrosive marine grade extruded aluminium, which is also one hundred percent recyclable.

By integrating solar panels vertically, we are maximizing energy capture without compromising valuable ground space in these built-up urban environments.

Our system also significantly reduces the carbon emissions of these buildings in our urban environment, and cumulatively in a world that values sustainability, our vertical solar solution stands tall, both literally and figuratively.


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