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Non-Combustible, Fire Resistant,  High Impact
Suitable for Residential and Business Vertical Building Wall Cladding.


Product Summary

Our ‘Non-Combustible Aluminium Cladding Panels’ are made from High-Quality Marine Grade Aluminium and can be extruded in a wide range of sizes.

The Aluminium Cladding Panels are Certified ‘Non-Combustible’ in accordance with AS1530.1.

These solid aluminium panels are well suited for high-rise building cladding and recladding.

The Aluminium Cladding Panels are Compliant to FP1.4 for weatherproofing.

The Aluminium Cladding Panels offer high colour retention and will not oxidise over time, and are designed to be corrosion resistant.

A 20 Year Warranty is offered.

They are also 100% recyclable.

Product Specifications

  • Certified Non-Combustible tested to AS1530.3 achieving zero for ignitability and spread of flame.

  • Offering exceptional fire performance, it is categorically Non-combustible in accordance with AS1530.1 Standards. (NCC Compliant)

  • 100% adhesive free.

  • 3mm solid marine grade aluminium panels.

  • Coil coated with a PVDF architectural paint finish which ensures UV stability and colour retention.

  • Available in a range of finishes: Metallic, Woodgrain, Solid colours, Natural brushed, Speciality colours.

  • Due to the different custom size and design options the most complex architectural designs can be achieved.

  • Easy to fabricate when folding, routing and cutting.

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